1FNGR 2nd Generation Clutch Lever Details

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Are you looking for an easier clutch pull for your motorcycle?
Is your current clutch pull too stiff?
1fngr has an answer for the dirt and street rider enthusiasts.
1fngr has come out with an all new easier pull clutch that allows the rider to adjust the tension of the clutch, extension of the clutch lever as well as the length of the lever. Offering a 1 finger, 2 finger and 2 finger folding lever. This new clutch lever allows riders an easier clutch pull as well as adjustability.

Street riders will have their choice lever length and be able to adjust how far in the lever is to the bar. 1fngrs quick clutch adjustment snaps into each location which allows riders to adjust the tension of the clutch on the fly. Riders will immediately enjoy an easier feel pull and notice the smooth clutch lever. I feel every rider can benefit from an easier pull on the clutch especially during traffic.

Dirt riders will enjoy a lot of the same features as the street riders but with a twist! I have spent some time in the dirt and after a while you begin to feel some arm pump. The clutch begins to become a chore to pull in, so you ride a bit slower and don’t pull it in as much as you normally would. 1fngr has come out with an easier pull clutch for the dirt. This all new easy pull clutch comes in a 1 finger, 2 finger and 2 finger folding lever. The folding lever pivots up in the chance of a crash which will allow the rider to get back up and finish riding instead of calling it a day. 1fngr has also incorporated the quick adjuster for on the fly adjustment and come in 6 color choices. Lastly, they have incorporated a plastic cover that quickly snaps into place to cover the clutch from debris that could get stuck in your clutch lever and keep you from riding.

1fngr clutch levers are made from 6061 aluminum
Fit standard 7/8 bars and made in the USA
For more information check out details HERE

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